Dear Änglagård's friends:

First and foremost we want to say thanks for you confidence and support to the band throughout the years. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for dedicated fans like you. We have envisioned this page as the one-stop place for all things Änglagård, where fans will be able to gather exclusive content, the latest news, some rare videos and exclusive merchandise, along with the opportunity to sign for an annual fan club membership including several perks not available anywhere else.

"We believe this is an historical moment in our career. We've been in the music prog-scene for decades and our albums have turn out very successful in terms of the audience, yet we felt we need to take a different approach towards our very loyal fans and move forward to build an even closer relationship with them. We are very much looking forward to this online space to become a place where we can share all our musical endeavors with you."

A little history... the uncommon way

Chances are that if you landed here you have already listened to our music in some way, either buying an album, through a friend, or maybe playing it on YouTube (By the way, did you know we have a Official Fan Community YouTube Channel?). But that fact doesn't necessarily means you know how the journey has been thus far, does it?

HOWEVER, instead of making some history we would do this the other way around! Let's talk about who we are now and what we are doing, which would be much funnier!

The band is now comprised by six members (We might become the Änglagård orchestra one day, who knows?). If you visit our THE BAND page you'll get to know as much information as possible about our current line-up. We are now going through the motions of putting together new ideas and rehearsing towards the making of a new album...

Yes you listened correctly, a new dark, melancholic and super progressive Swedish-infused record is already in its inception phase! We are super excited about it and we will do our best to keep you guys posted while the process moves towards the end. Make sure to visit our LATEST NEWS page for last minute updates

Now, while you start browsing this page and discovering around, is time for us to go back hiding in the Swedish winter cottage and resume working on new music of what will become Änglagård's fourth album. Keep you eyes peeled and watch this space!